Friday, May 3, 2013

Three years and counting!!

It feels like only yesterday, that I had passed out of college and had to choose which company I would choose to start my corporate career in. I had precisely four offers and they were all equally good, paid just about the same and located within a few kilometers of each other. The choice for me, though, wasn’t very tough. I chose the one with a green campus!
The beautiful sprawling campus!!

On May 3, 2010 when I got ready for my first day at Franklin Templeton, I was a nervous wreck. I had no clue as to how I was going to be treated, how the people were going to be and whether I would enjoy going to office the next day. But the moment I stepped into the sprawling campus, I felt at home.

After a week of induction along with 30 other nervous freshers like me, there came the day where we would be moved to different departments. Everyone had their own concern: some wanted day shifts; some wanted a not so challenging department while a few wished they be moved to a team with pretty people.

The Induction days

Me? I had no idea! The whole week was a blur and I was living a dream. The beautiful campus, delicious food at the cafeteria (I’m not sure if I’d say it’s still delicious), unlimited supply of Thums-Up (which I don’t drink anymore) and access to a new sport, Table Tennis. Secretly, I wished I would be moved to a team with people I would enjoy working with.

GIAC India, July 2010

It was like the sorting ceremony you saw in Harry Potter, where the sorting hat decides which team you moved into. Here, the managers or the HRs sorted you into teams. I was moved into the Global Investment Adviser Compliance and a week later, I was sure I would enjoy my time at Franklin Templeton Investments.
The work was challenging and interesting where you learnt something new every day (it still holds true today). But over all that, the people around me were just very supportive. I belonged here!

GIAC India - November, 2011

It was not all work though! A few months later, I went on my first office trip to Vizag and followed it up a trip to Goa later in the year. The extra-curricular activities were buzzing too! I soon became a part of the Cricket and Football teams and began spending the weekends returning back to office for the matches. It became my second home, within no time!

Vizag - the city of destiny!!

First trip to Goa

One year passed in the blink of an eye and so did two! Today, I finally complete three whole years at Franklin Templeton Investments and I must agree that the dream lives on. Still a part of the same team albeit with new colleagues, the work remains challenging and interesting. The campus has grown greener with the addition of the new cricket ground, Thums-Up has been replaced with Coke (I drink coffee, though) and I have won two runner-up trophies in the new sport, Table Tennis and put on no less than 20 kgs since I joined – a sign the office is taking care of you ;)

GIAC India - April, 2013

A few more pics from my journey at FT!!

A frequent visitor at the campus - the Cobra!

India vs Pakistan, 2011 - World Cup semifinal

I even played Basketball

Thats a few of my awards :)

Redbacks :)

And a few of my favorite people! :)

Hinaaa :)

The dream lives on. Three years and counting!! ;)