Sunday, October 3, 2010

25 Random Things!

1. 25 is such a huge number for a lazy person like me. There, #1.. I am lazy
2. I go to sleep when everyone else wakes up. I'm the watchdog of my house.
3. My favourite pastime is staring at the ceiling. I make it a point to stare at the ceiling for atleast 5 minutes in a day
4. I supposedly have Barbie eyelashes.
5. I always wonder why people swear. To remove their frustration, to express joy, to show despair and anguish, to shower praises??!!!???... Whoa!!
6. I'm an eternal optimist.
7. I like people who talk, be it sense or nonsense. Probably because i don't talk a lot. I'm more of a listener.
8. I am starting to realise that 25 is a huge number after all.
9. I'm not religious. I don't believe in going to temples. I'm not an atheist either. I believe in God. Or probably the fear of him made me say that :P
10. I'm 20 years, 4 months and 1 day old on the day of writing this.i.e., I have survived 7426 days on this planet.
11. I love numbers. Mathematics has always been my favourite subject. #10 should say something about it.
12. I enjoy contradicting people. I like arguing and i win most of the arguments i get into even if I don't support the point I'm arguing for.
14. I'm not photogenic. I don't like being clicked.
15. I'm a complete sport-a-holic. I can watch ESPN and Star Sports all year long.
16. Bizarre, Weird, Ridiculous and Pandemonium are a few of my favourite words.
17. Apart from numbers, I love spellings and grammar. I have a good/bad/irritating habit of correcting grammatical errors, whoever the person, however grave the situation may be. (Good, Bad or Irritating decide)
18. I have received more compliments for my handwriting than for anything else. I'd never trade it for a million bucks. Anything more you offer, I might consider.
19. 13 is an unlucky number. Check #13.
20. I am petrified of tablets. --TOP SECRET--
21. My ultimate goal in life is to buy a Hummer.
22. I like sudoku and puzzles of any kind. I try solving crosswords in the newspaper despite failing every single day. Proves #6.
23. I had a weird collection of things as i grew up. While people collected stamps and coins, I collected different species of bugs, tattoos and names of pens.
24. I know nothing about cooking, not even Maggi.
25. I had never flunked in a test and that was something i was proud of. And then i flunked my learner’s license test.

P.S. So badly hope that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in this whole thing.